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The Mail Order Rule applies to most things a consumer orders by mail, telephone, fax, or on the Internet.

The rule excludes “orders of seeds and growing plants,” collect-on-delivery-orders, and subscription deliveries after the first delivery.

Generally, when choosing a fulfillment house, the ecommerce business should consider the following factors: The Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule (commonly called the “Mail Order Rule”) is a Federal Trade Commission consumer protection statute. Internet sales, as well faxed orders, are included in the definition of telephone, which is defined as “any direct or indirect use of the telephone to order merchandise regardless of whether the telephone is activated by ...

machines.” If these obligations cannot be met, the company must provide the customer with a timely notice and option to either agree to a delay or cancel the order and get their money back.

Dropshipping problems can be limited by dealing with pre qualified suppliers and using only high quality resources which somewhat limit access to the latest dropship offers to professional auctioneers and resellers.

Examples of resources listing information about dropshipping services in the uk drop ship and dropshippers directory and, for the US., at customers by mail, telephone or online are required to ship each order at the time stated in their ad or on their Website.

The buyer is concerned only with receiving the product purchased, not whether the seller used a third party for shipment.

For instance, where a covered good is ordered on the internet and a buyer provides shipping information and a credit card number for the purchase through the seller’s online form, the seller’s duty to ship begins immediately—the buyer has given authorization to charge his credit account and the seller has all information needed to ship the item.