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The maximum number of primary artists, in this case, is 5.39.2 Supporting Artists for Jazz.Supporting artists (also known as ‘side musicians’ or ‘session musicians’) and their roles must be credited at the album and/or track level.If a non-Western artist has an English or international band or artist name, that name should be provided in the native field.The native field should be used for internationally recognized representations of artist names, songs, or album titles.With that in mind, we created this reference guide to help you format your music, art, and metadata for the optimal listener experience and discovery.Following these guidelines will make it less likely that we have to return content to you for correction.

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You must use clarifying language to ensure that consumers will not think those artists are performing.Refer to the Recommended Contributor Roles for a list of appropriate roles to use.39.7 Title Version Information for Jazz.