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07-Jan-2021 08:57

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The best thing you can do to keep your eggs clean is to make sure your hens are laying in freshly laid straw.

There could still be factors at play that the authors didn’t account for, though.

The researchers did find that the results were statistically significant—meaning that according to mathematical calculations, they're not due to chance.

But the small number of cases and lack of controls in the study still means the findings could be a fluke. More research needs to be done to decide if this possible link is worth your attention. Exercise reduces the risk of fatal forms of prostate cancer by 41 percent.

“Some research suggests that foods high in choline may increase prostate cancer growth once prostate cancer has already been diagnosed,” he says.

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“It may be that choline has some effect that prevents the starting of cancer, but once you have cancer its rate of growth could be sped up with choline. Due to the relatively small number of lethal prostate incidences (199 out of 27,607 men), the results could just be a coincidence, says Steven Kaplan, M.

But before you swear off your morning scramble, understand what the research actually shows—and what it doesn’t. Guys who consumed 2.5 or more eggs per week had an 81 percent increased risk for cancer that spread to the organs or caused death compared to men who consumed less than half an egg per week before their diagnosis.

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