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If posts get to far off topic they will be removed. Didn't think I could change your post, I'm confused what happened. We do know that the switch from B & B to Beavertail was mid or a little later 1963. From the players perspective the bay to the right of center is a knobby mount in the center of the bay. The bay to the left of center has two Swivo mounts right next to the lugs on the top. Ive seen heated chrom before, that doesnt immediately look damaged. I wonder if this could be from the Factory Fire period. I have only one drum I positively know when it walked out of the music store. Dynasonics, D706061, 1977, I have the original sales receipt from Modesto Music, Modesto Ca.

Jack I along with other knowledgeable Rogers collectors/players have been working on a new up dated "Roger Dating Guide". Anyone that has a Rogers drum that they bought or know for sure when it was bought, please post the info about the drum. This helps us with improving the accuracy of the dating guide. 13723, Early 5 line 67 10407, Late 7 line, 67 Elongated Throw, Got this one from Kelly smith.

It's the tone, concept and design that took the world of drums to another level.

We will be posting sets for sale very soon on our Facebook site.

Don’t know, but as far as I’m concerned some kind of musical instruments should be involved. They did the same with German Nursery Rhymes and this time I was booked as a background singer.

I recognize the speed of all those drummers but that’s not for me. They recorded traditional Nursery Rhymes with a proper Band in a Rock, Pop or Folk feel.

Thanks, Bruce I purchased a COB 5x14 7 line Dyna Sonic in the summer of 1964 at Schmit Music in Minneapolis. Many guys see my drum covers and they ask me to cover all those Speed Metal Thrash Bands. Most likely because 99 is one of my favorite tracks by Toto and because Jeff Porcaro is one of my favorite drummers. Anyway, my dad teamed up with some of his English colleagues to produce some decent music for children.