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30-Aug-2020 01:45

This month for the Dating Book Club, I read Dateonomics, by Jon Birger.

The economy of dating is an inherently unsexy and unromantic venture to delve into, but knowledge is power.

If you’re ready to end the dating phase of your life forever by finding your lifelong love, you’re ready for: Speed Dating With Speed Dating, a comprehensive dating guide, you’ll speed through the dating phase of your life into a committed, lifelong relationship, avoiding go-nowhere entanglements and other dating pitfalls.

The dating-world myth that evaluating a relationship takes months and months — or worse, years and years — causes unnecessary emotional complications, heartache, and time spent in dead-end relationships.

Presumably, but an interesting follow up question, do these men stray/breakup/divorce once out of their lopsided ratio?

There are also, plenty of men who were raised to be, and want to be monogamous, but need a oat sowing phase. What it comes down to eventually is the right match at the right time.

And frankly, the lovey dovey stuff doesn’t get you far sometimes.

It is a numbers game, and that historically and biologically (instinctively) affects people’s behavior.

Which, after a significant time of dating, is bound to take a toll on your self-esteem at times.

This book its a great reminder that sometimes not finding a mate isn’t about you at all.

I am able to use examples provided in the book to reflect on past dating/relationship experiences and make connections with respect to the mistakes and errors in judgement that I have made in the past.

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I fully intend to complete the reading and pass it on to a lady friend of mine who is also in relationship limbo.Depending on who you are, and what you are looking to get out of from a relationship.