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Todays loads are more sedate, but you can count on a 158 grain JHP at 1,200 fps from a four inch barrel.

A development during the same time was the modification of revolver actions to a new short action. King-inspired It was inevitable that the two advances, the Magnum cartridge and the modern K frame revolver, would be combined.

The average hand fits the revolver well, A friend of mine took his deer some years ago with one of my handloads using the Combat Magnum.

He was in the shadow of a tree and all he could see was the orange dot and little else- and he connected with an instant one shot kill of a large buck.

The history of the Combat Magnum begins in 1899 with the introduction of the Smith and Wesson Military and Police revolver.

This medium frame revolver is among the best handling and smoothest revolvers ever produced.

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Anyone who contemplates working his way up to the .44 Magnum would be well advised to begin with the .357.I have loaded various loads using heavy cast bullets of 180 to 200 grains that give excellent accuracy and a hard slap- but they are not quite Magnums.The Combat Magnum has excellent leverage for the size of the handgun.The full power Magnum loads are just that, full power and should be used sparingly. This engraved Smith and Wesson sports Blu Magnum grips, among the very best options for a first class revolver.

The Combat Magnum is the perfect size for easy carry and good handling.

This version has been engraved by the Smith and Wesson Custom Shop with affordable but attractive laser engraving.