Dating someone in a wheelchair dating st ives cornwall

04-Sep-2020 13:43

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Often people worry about things like: will they have to help us with personal care (the answer to that is no, if we need it we will have help in place already). Many wheelchair users enjoy a very healthy sex life. Until they see you're here to stay they'll be suspicious. Just because we're in a wheelchair it doesn't mean we can't walk a little bit. Be patient with us, we're not trying to be difficult or insult you by turning down your offers to help us.

They've been there for us through the laughter and tears of the previous relationship, and picked us back up from it.

They are just as capable as you are, so be sensitive to that.

Don’t waste each others’ time If you aren’t comfortable with other people showing an interest in your date, then don’t bother.

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If you assume they aren’t, you are belittling their accomplishments.

She has a background in education, research and counseling.