Dating someone on the same floor

01-Apr-2020 03:06

Two months later, though, I found myself walking out to a secluded part of a beach with a man I had just met at my best friend's wedding.

I didn't quite know what I was about to do, but over the last few months I had learned to embrace the idea that doing whatever made me happy was perfectly okay—and that included exploring my sexuality in a new, uninhibited way.

After a decade of only being with my husband, I felt…scared.

Me, the same woman who could demand promotions at work, or sell ideas to very big-name clients, was terrified to talk to a guy that I felt ridiculously attracted to.

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Throughout the evening, I caught myself secretly eyeing his whereabouts when he wasn't close by, but refraining from talking to him much.While he didn't say he'd call me, I was perfectly okay with it—in fact, I think that's what helped make it so beautiful.