Dating someone with ocd

16-Apr-2020 01:53

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No, I don’t mean people who like to claim OCD as a talking point because they tend towards the neat and organized.

I’m talking about real OCD, like the obsessive checking and the counting in your head that ends up governing daily life. Unbeknownst to many people, there is not a strict set of symptoms that OCD follows.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that we have to do what our rituals dictate, keyword here being “obsessive.” All that telling us how ridiculous we are being will do is make us upset, which in turn revs up our patterns of behaviour even more.

Help us try to feel normal because there’s certainly nothing regular about the way we go about our daily lives.

Once I started noticing it, it became obvious that he has OCD.

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About 2 months ago, I invited him round to my house. I thought he was just nervous because we hadn't had sex yet.We’ve been stuck in these mental loops since we were children, and we still haven’t been able to make sense of them or get out.