Dating someone with sickle cell trait

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It is believed by some as an example of natural selection at play.Let us understand the link between these two condition, via this article.You do not have symptoms from sickle cell trait, so it is a good idea to have a blood test to see if you have sickle cell trait.If you have the trait, the majority of red cells in the blood are normal round shaped cells.There is a small chance that you may experience pain at high altitudes (generally above 10,000 feet), including long-haul flying in unpressurised planes and mountain climbing.It is important you say you have sickle cell trait before undertaking such activities as you may need to breathe oxygen.In some parts of the country there are also local sickle cell centres that can arrange a blood test for you.You may have been screened for sickle cell disease. To all newborn babies as part of the newborn bloodspot (heelprick test) when your baby is five days old.

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By identifying babies early in life , they can be prescribed penicillin and be referred for specialist care, so that they stay healthy.Red blood cells (RBCs), in human beings, carry oxygen, and are in the shape of turgid biconcave discs.However, in some individuals who possess a mutated form of the hemoglobin gene (HBB), the cells may appear to be sickle shaped, and the mutated gene (Hb S, S stands for sickle) gives rise to severe anemia, strokes, and lung problems.It is less common in white European’s, although with the ever growing diversity of the population this will change.

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Most people who have sickle cell trait are healthy. If you have sickle cell trait Always notify your dentist or doctor before treatment commences to be on the safe side.Haemoglobin is the substance in red blood cells that is responsible for the colour of the cell and for carrying oxygen around the body.