Dating the enemy hippy Free strangers sex webcam chat

15-Dec-2020 02:16

Well, America is big, but the internet is bigger, so the choice to remain ignorant is yours.

Just like dating, the US mainstream media will rise to the standards that you demand of them. So I have a lot of oversized Goodwill flannels, floppy-soled, falling apart boots, and a whole lot of shirts that I own solely because I don’t have to wear a bra with them. Do I have a sign on my back naming you as the creative genius behind my immensely comfortable outfit? Then for as much as you hate my outfit, it affects and reflects on you in absolutely no way.

– Lastly, the way you choose to live your life doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t understand why you’d stray from the nicely prescribed path we’ve decided is the only “normal” allowed. But if I’m not clear on the underlying discomforts that people have then I cannot properly address them. First thing first, much of my frustration stems from the dissonance in perception. Sadly, most of the merit got lost in the wash so now our hipsters are just your snobby friends who only eat organic and don’t like bands anymore once they get played on the radio. The wardrobe shifts just come along as a side effect.

When they say “hippie” they often mean “social misfit, tree hugger, possibly druggie weirdo.” While environmental sustainability and experimental drug use were both part of the historical hippie movement, these are not the stereotypes that that movement should be remembered for. Gone are the hippies who made a counter culture as a commentary for the woes of mainstream culture, the hippies who protested the Vietnam war, the hippies who insisted there had to be more to life than being born to pay bills and die. So you don’t like my ideas about the world – maybe I’m too critical of the military industrial complex, I insist that I value sanctity of life over unfettered capitalism or I have a small little dream to live in a tree house.

Whether it’s meant as a joke, a dismissal, or an intentional insult, the uneasy laughter that comes with that label is uneasy because, 95% of the time, people aren’t implying approval when they call me a hippie.

Things usually wrapped into the layers of insinuation when someone tosses “hippie” at me: – Your ideas don’t match my mainstream ones that I swallowed from CNN – Your wardrobe choices don’t fit into my notion of what small town white girls usually wear – Your politics don’t sit nicely on one side of the spectrum. But they saw a society they no longer felt ok with passively supporting by their inclusion. “Hippie” originally comes from the term “hipster,” congratulations America, you’ve recycled one more thing through the culture machine.

Hey, if you’re another 23 year old single girl, congrats, according to your beauty standards, your odds at the bar just went up that much more.

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I’d like to word this as gently as possible because I know that the mere fact that you have an opinion about my life demonstrates that you care about me in some way.

What if I told you that the polarization and demonization of the two-party system that you hold so dear here in America is ludicrous? Anyway, I’m not here to teach a class on politics, I’m not even a thorough source, but have you seen Germany’s multi-party system? I have friends who actually belong to the Pirate Party. Because in a MULTI-party system, all perspectives get a seat at the table provided they amass enough votes to pass the seat threshhold which varies by country.

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