Dating yale locks

07-Jan-2021 06:52

It all just depends on how much you are willing to pay and what features you need.

In all honesty a standard 5 pin lock set should be sufficient for most home owners.

Obviously the higher the number of pins in the lock the more secure it is.

You will also have the option of lock sets that work with your home’s automation or alarm system and you might not even have a key override to open the door normally with a key.

The template will make sure the hole is aligned and drilling from both sides makes sure the face of the door is not damaged.

I strongly suggest that you start with a door that passes from your kitchen to your garage or another door that does not lead directly outside if at all possible.

If the door is already fitted with locks the new ones should fit very easily in the same openings.

There are a few other compatibility issues you might run into but a good hardware store should be able to match your new lock set to your old one.

Now although we are only covering the lock its self this is the best time to think about upgrades to your doors, hinges and other hardware.