Dating yourself

17-Oct-2020 06:01

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When she's not writing, she's at the beach, on her yoga mat, or watching Friends.

Mariaelisa believes consciousness is one of life’s greatest gifts, and hopes sharing her journey can help others on their own journey within.

Maybe, you realize you weren’t even doing so bad to begin with and you just have to keep going.

Either way, it’s worthwhile to spend more time with yourself whenever you can.

Then, when we met, sparks flew, and thanks to all that time we had individually taken to enjoy solitude, we were able to foster this connection and let it thrive.

This Is What Happens When You Date Yourself It’s a beautiful thing to find companionship in an intimate, trusting way.

You can go back and forth about the importance of these two things all day, but in reality, you’re talking about the same thing – the value of being honest, both with yourself and the other person.

When you start to date yourself, you work up the courage to face your demons one by one.

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This year, though, it was less about me spending an hour shaving and more about reflection, introspection, and a journey into the heart of self-love.

It creates a passionate, wild love for life, a love you can then share with another.

Mariaelisa Lichoa is a writer with a deep passion for travel and self-care.

You stop avoiding the things you’ve been trying to dodge and stop diving into the social circles and behaviors that don’t truly serve you.

You learn to listen to what your mind, heart, and body are actually telling you – not just making sense of what you want to hear. Being completely honest with yourself means no more excuses, no more complacency, no more putting things off or waiting for “the right time.” Instead, you start showing up for yourself every single day. This doesn’t happen overnight, but the more you’re honest about who you are and what you want out of life, the better you get about being upfront and honest with others. You Learn Patience and Compassion As you start to peel back your inner layers and discover your truths, you learn patience and compassion, too.

The same thing happens once you’ve cleared up the grey areas in your life and start to be more mindful of the conversations you have with yourself. You stop limiting your expectations and actions, reaching for new heights and raising the bar little by little instead.