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There is just so much love for this team and various underlining aspects of the team for each individual fan out there that drive collectively dubs us to be the Faithful.We wanted to bring you all the content of this great team, from game day to off-the-field efforts, but it evolved into so much more.Dabei kamen auch einpaar schlüpfrige Sprüche von uns beiden zu Tage und so merkten wir, das wirauf der selben Welle paddeln.Gundula hatte nichts dagegen sondern beteiligte sich an unseren Gesprächen.Gundula und ich waren noch nicht lange zusammen, hatten ein paar malmiteinander geschlafen und eigentlich mehr eine Fickbeziehung als etwasanderes.

For personal projects - like on my design blog, where I try to post new pieces near-daily - I attempt to cap time spent in the 45-60 minute region.

I love that 17-year-old designers who have built an incredible skill set based solely on self-study and time invested. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful wife and three incredible children, and they have my full attention beyond work hours.