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08-Mar-2020 22:05

In other words they do not plan to address these quality issues, just continue compressing things even more aggressively. With VP9 you get more blur instead of more 'blockyness'. Increasing the bit rate is more important =) Audio is another issue. The RESULT is the DVD image looks MUCH smoother than the Youtube download. Increasing video DIMENSIONS without dramatically increasing FILE SIZE will not typically add detail.

The reason for this is because DIMENSIONS and DETAIL are actually completely different and independent things. size' is the web page you are looking at right now.

There is another area they can save bandwidth on site-wide!

Just a tip for Youtube there ~;-) A hypothetical example of extreme HD video compression would be devoting only a few hundred 'blocks' to create a circular shape, whereas an SD (DVD) video might devote THOUSANDS of blocks to the same shape.

~;-) Let's upload videos in high quality, fine detail and big file sizes for people who wish to be 'transported into the scene' =D AAC, MP3, OOG...

all the 'alphabet soup' of codec technology can confuse but but in the end it is surprising MP3 still sounds better than them at a given bit rate above about 128Kbps.

All this technical stuff may seem a bit boring but really it is all about making the music more FUN!