Demonoid upload not updating

28-Mar-2020 20:42

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Look at any other node and you see it getting its data from all over the place and sending out known chunks likewise.

You don't need to think about each connection and each chunk - that's what Bit Torrent does for you: it sorts all that out.

Pti , 17 February 2006 (UTC)The problem, however, is that the site owners over there do not control the content.

So, for instance, Wikipedia links to Anarchopedia in the "Wikipedia: Wikipedia is not" article.

There are also small "arrow ends" at the beginnings of the lines.

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I think that the difference is that if a site EXPLICITLY hosts copyrighted material, in the sense of openly encouraging it, that it's a violation of WP: C. However, I don't see why Demonoid should come down, but not others.

I'm not sure if its allowed on WP, but a Java Script animation like they use for some on-line weather sequences might be fun because you can set the animation speed, the re-start delay, and pause and single-step the whole thing.

But I think that's unnecessary, just add some labels and an explanantion underneath, as a caption, IMHO.

Links should be good faith examined to determine if they infringe copyrights, with the assumption that a torrent of a copyrighted file infringes copyrights.

I will once again remove those links which I know from good faith examinations to breach WP: C.Under the subsection for API there is an external link to PEP, though with the entire URL and one of the brackets visible. 134.1 , 18 January 2006 (UTC) It currently says leeches are on asynchronous connections, but it seems like asymmetric makes more sense (i.e. Also another reason for accidental leeching might be firewall or port-mapping rules the user is unaware of, either in their Linksys-or-whatever router or a Vo IP terminal adapter.