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Yet, ongoing studies (DFG, German Research Foundation, LE 1805/2) on subfossil pine from NW-German peatlands indicate "stress-events”, most likely linked to striking environmental changes, around 4.700 BC and 2.900 BC which exactly synchronize with those in oaks.

The fact that peatlands with pine are known as common stages of mire ecosystems provides the chance to use dendroecological reconstructions of peatlands to get a better understanding of climate influence on bog ecosystems.

These findings, increasingly significant as more instruments are tested, formed the subject of a talk at the "Museo del violino" in Cremona in September 2014.

The abstract of the talk can be seen at the bottom of our Important Dealerships, Collectors, players and major international Auction Houses, specialising in the sale of fine Musical instruments, such as Tarisio, Ingles and Hayday, Brompton's, Amati and Vichy Encheres rely on the speed and revealing nature of our service."I have found that dendrochronology is an invaluable tool that can offer very important insight and confirmation to an expert when forming an opinion about the origin of an antique violin family instrument""Dendrochronology is increasingly important when selling fine instruments.

Dendrochronology is the formal term for tree-ring dating, the science that uses the growth rings of trees as a detailed record of climatic change in a region, as well as a way to approximate the date of construction for wooden objects of many types.

As archaeological dating techniques go, dendrochronology is extremely precise: if the growth rings in a wooden object are preserved and can be tied into an existing chronology, researchers can determine the precise calendar year—and often season—the tree was cut down to make it.

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By overlapping and cross-dating tree-ring series from living trees with those measured from historical, archaeological and geological context long chronologies were constructed that reach back for thousands of years.Bog-trees: a hydrological and vegetation-historical archive The Dendro-lab of Göttingen University, Germany, has 30 years experience in investigating tree-ring patterns of subfossil trunks originating from former bog oak- and pine forests.Up to now about 2.200 samples from 140 sites have been investigated with the oldest trees dating back to 6000 BC., the tests are not only based on the comparison of the tree-ring pattern of the instrument against the published geographical references available, but also to thousands of other ring patterns found on the soundboards of other instruments."Dendro" is now used and relied upon by many of the World's authorities in Violin Expertise, collectors, dealers and Musical Instruments Auction houses.

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In many cases, it offers reassurance and peace of mind to sellers and buyers alike.

Dendrochronologial dating is not a core business of the Dendro-Lab of Göttingen University.