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13-Feb-2021 15:54

After the first record, we started doing our own thing.

It's gotten into darker, heavier music and lyrics since then.

Though they'll always be associated with the juvenilia of their breakout, it's actually been a long time since Sum 41 sounded or acted like those knuckleheads falling off a high dive.

Unlike most bands, who get more commercial throughout their career, Sum 41's mall and movie soundtrack-friendly sound pretty quickly gave way to harder metal and arena rock, as well emo ballads.

I never had to think about not having a father, to be honest.

But the door's closed because this is for kids: a celebration of breaking the rules, acting like an idiot, and sticking it to… That's because, unconcerned with rock's radio death, Sum 41 has been happily releasing albums and packing the biggest venues of their career with the genre's niche but enduring global audience.

There's a lot of condescension towards pop-punk, chalking it all up to "youth angst," that doesn't really recognize those bands started writing about pretty serious shit. Sometimes it gets attention, and sometimes it doesn't.

Sometimes that's our own fault because the songs just aren't as powerful or strong as they could be.

might be a perfect snapshot of the head of a 39-year-old rock star, grappling with the Trump age, but the unruly directness and almost innocent clarity of that picture shows Sum 41 is still the band we fell in love with in our cousin's game room.

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You've said that "the last thing you wanted to do was write a protest record." Why was that?The band traded parties and homework for subjects like the Iraq war, AIDS and general despondency about the world starting with 2002's Deryck Whibley is 39 years old now. He was 26 became one of pop-punk's most visible frontmen by marrying Avril Lavigne, and 29 when the three-year emo power couple marriage ended.

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