Desire news widget not updating

06-Jan-2021 01:23

The location is automatically added to the end of your favourites list.

To delete a favourite just press the red button next to the location you wish to delete and then confirm.

If it is not there and you are looking at a location in another time zone you might see (for example) a moon icon at midday.Please note that if your internet connection works but you are still experiencing data problems then Weather Pro may try to load old data.To stop this, please go to Settings (in your device, not in the app itself) and select Weather Pro.To activate Weather Pro’s Live Wallpaper go to Menu / Wallpapers / Live Wallpapers.

Scroll down, select “Weather Pro Live Wallpaper” and choose your favourite location by tapping on "Settings".However, this verification email is being “blocked” by some providers (currently mainly GMX) so if you do not receive the verification email please contact our support team.

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