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28-Feb-2021 23:31

I regularly buy/accept dinner from my female friends, should different rules apply for male/female friendships (if they exist)?Don't mean to be contrary, I'm honestly curious about your opinion.

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Deputy District Attorney Michael Fern says eight women ended up paying themselves and in two cases restaurants picked up the check.Such as, clergy that do creepy stuff or police with no respect for the law.Women that milk guys for free drinks or free meals know that they're exploiting them.The ladies I'm thinking about were really into woman's rights and changing the world. Using someone who’s showing a genuine interest in you as a person is sad and pathetic, no matter the situation or gender. There have certainly been times I’ve gone out and received free drinks (as do most women under a certain age), but have made it clear I’m not looking for anything romantic/sexual with that person.

But, when Friday Night rolled around they would get all dolled-up and go to the bars and try to get guys they didn't know to buy them drinks. If the person still insists on buying, they usually do so for the whole table.

The question ought to be: "Would he be paying for this food/drink if I was a guy? Is it your opinion that men do not approach women for friendship?

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