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21-Mar-2020 03:27

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However, researchers say this is probably not the case.

Instead, they think that as the brain decayed it collapsed and was pressed against the roof of the skull.

"Since the water had little oxygen and was very acidic, the soft tissues of the brain were likely preserved and cast before the rest of its body was buried in the sediment.

The chances of preserving brain tissue are incredibly small, so the discovery of this specimen is astonishing."The brain was found by fossil hunter Jamie Hiscocks near Bexhill in Sussex in 2004.

Scientists say the structure of the fossilised brain is similar to that of modern-day birds and crocodiles.

Unlike modern-day reptiles, where the brain only takes up about half the space of the cranial cavity, the tissue of the fossilised brain was pressed directly against the skull, potentially indicating dinosaurs had larger brains, filling more of the cavity.

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