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13-Jan-2021 11:51

• When you meet someone you like, your membership can be put on 'hold'; this facility is available for a maximum of 12 months.

If you wish to become active again, all on 'hold' time will be added to your membership.

Some of her relationships ended badly because she tried so hard to stay in control.

She didn’t want to appear vulnerable and so ended up becoming “over-independent” [2].

It had taken eight years of constant badgering to get me to consider it, so I knew I owned them something. I wasn’t exactly being inundated and wondered what was proving so off-putting, my face, figure or disability? The silence in responses was deafening and not exactly self esteem building.

Yet that night something truly bizarre happened as I was “hit on’ several times.

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I was so looking forward to this get together, although I knew they’d be expecting some funny stories about my new adventures in Internet dating. After all as well as being disabled I was also middle aged and, to be honest, kind of regretting joining.There are many benefits with the Deluxe Package: • Your membership will not start ticking down until you have received your first introduction; an introduction is when both parties want to make contact.• Unlimited selections from Deluxe and Economy packages.Telephone: 02 or complete our enquiry form and submit to us.

Alternatively you can email us on [email protected] leaving a contact number and we will call you back to arrange date and time.• You are guaranteed a minimum of four Introductions during your membership term; if this is not achieved then you will stay on – free of charge – until you have received this amount.