Docmd runsql not updating

13-Mar-2021 00:59

How do I stop the Msg Box appearing and prompting for a response? Set Warnings False then just before the end add: Do Cmd.

Set Warnings True This tells Access to tuen off those message boxes and then to turn them back on when you run this procedure.

But, when the SQL engine is processing the statement, if it's expecting a string, then you have to tell it that it is a string by surrounding it with either single quotes or double quotes.

However, if you are already delineating a string using one of the quotes, then if you need to delineate another string, you need to use the other quote or double up on the quote. However, what the SQL processor sees it without the quotes.

I am trying to create a simple SQL command in a module.

, thanks a millions, btw I really don;t understand the single quote and the double quote combination, would you mind explain a little or any website that I could understand a bit more on the single and double quote combination.

My table is set up like this: Worker_Code - this is the workers employee ID number Worker_Time - this is the total amount of time spent on task Each worker will clock in and then a timer will start tallying the total amount of time they are on task.