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13-Nov-2020 08:11

The Why Not You Foundation announced, in partnership with KCLS, KCLS Foundation and JPMorgan Chase, a new teen empowerment campaign called Dream Big: Anything is Possible.

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The company positions music “at the intersection of Ciara’s other passions: film, fashion, technology and philanthropy” the website says. “Both are very possible, and both are very, very likely, I’d say. Obviously for football we have great teammates, I think, and with Tally in particular we have amazing people, obviously Jeff Bezos, Joe Tsai and Jason Lee Keenan our CEO.

To be able to keep up with the generations to come, [STEM education] is one of the biggest things kids have to learn and continue to invest their time in.” Wilson and Ciara have an array of business interests and investments in tech companies.

His latest push is around Tally, a sports prediction app that evolved from what he started with Trace Me, a celebrity content app originally launched by Wilson in 2017.

Wilson took to Instagram to share the moment with fans, first thanking his agent for securing the bag and, more important, being a father figure in the quarterback’s life after his own father passed away.

10 yrs of you being a Father Figure in my life and being an inspiration to me. Thanks for being not only the best Football & Baseball Agent in the world but more importantly the person you are. “It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you have, the power of that dream is truly within you,” Ciara told the students, adding that she set goals as a teen to be discovered, sell millions of records and have staying power in the entertainment business.

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