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__ From space , like from the ISS or other satellites -- Dudai's features are readily recognizable.

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Did you know Dubai won the 2020 ( November IIRC) Expo location. En Joy En Joy Actually Vanja, Fog rolling over the tall building is quite different than sandstorms. This is 'live cam' not Gobi or Giza where sandstorm stories would be applicable.

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You won't be disappointed your going the perfect time to Burj Khalifa my niece has done the safari a few times when family have gone over they all enjoyed let me know wot u thought of all the great experiences have a fabulous time also on Dubai marina pier 7 have some great eateries the views are amazing you see the huge yachts/ sailing boats sailing past slowly have fun xhi there jayne just booked a few tours doing the burj khalifa at 5.00 pm that cost 2.00 not to bad also booked the dubai desert safari experience that was only 8.00 and we are doing abu dhabi city tour that's an all day thing and that was 6.00 that's for 2 of us and if we have time we might try the hop on hop of bus if it's not to hot.there jayne latter my name is martin i'm number 64004204 i've changed it . As you may know the QE2 is now also in dry dock in Dubai as a floating hotel again it's well worth a night stay which you can get for around £80 per room per night you can even just go for a meal aboard this fine ship you do have to book in advance its buffet style however the food is delicious most of the 5 star hotels offer you a one off payment on entry called brunch where certain times you can use the facilities for the day their private beach eat and drink as much as you like those are certain times though.Match Made in Heaven Literal definition: Two people perfectly suited!