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It was also set in snowy Toronto, Canada instead of England.The movie is about an unemployed bass player named Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) who must defeat the seven evil exes of the enigmatic American package carrier, Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), with fighting game style combat.Even when you’re an adult with a job, rent to pay, and a relationship to maintain, it’s fun to just hang out and play video games with your friends to relax.Forget Jack and Rose from , Nicholas Angel, has a much different relationship with music than the electro pop-spinning, “Yeah boy-ing” man-child Shaun.The song’s lyrics and title take on a more nefarious tone when it’s revealed that the town of Sandford’s Neighbourhood Watch Alliance, which started out as a group of kooks walking around and being paranoid, have been covering up murders for decades so that Sandford can keep winning the coveted “Village of the Year” award.The dark irony of the lyrics and town itself are one part of what makes Edgar Wright’s strongest work of social satire, especially a decade later in a world of Trump, Brexit, and Theresa May, where people who aren’t straight, white, able-bodied, and Christian aren’t welcome in the United States and the United Kingdom.Before you add the songs from to your Spotify or Apple Music playlists, check out a few of the great songs from Edgar Wright’s previous films.There’s something for your inner hipster, Goth, Anglophile, dance floor fiend, or Nick Frost-wearing-a-jester-hat fetishist in here.10.

Even after his “death,” Ed hasn’t changed much (except he’s definitely not holding any weed).

So, it’s fitting that he gets a great Queen song to kick the Winchester Pub’s undead landlord’s ass to, with Ed, his ex-girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield), her insufferable flatmates David and Dianne, and his angelic mother in tow.

The noise of the jukebox leads to zombies storming the pub, but for one shining moment, Shaun, Ed, and Liz get to be action heroes in a beautifully choreographed action scene that foretells future bar fights in .

After running, hiding, and pretending to be them for most of the film, they finally get to kick some zombie ass and do so with glee.

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Wright perfectly synchronizes Freddie Mercury’s soaring vocals to swipes of the pool cue, and the group gets more confident and efficient as the song’s tempo builds.

However, this scene uses the music of Queen to show the camaraderie that he has with both Ed and Liz, foreshadowing that things will work out with both his girlfriend and best friend, even if there is much more than one aged zombie landlord to deal with in and much of Edgar Wright’s early work: friendship.

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