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13-Oct-2020 01:51

If this approach seems reasonable to you, please stop reading here. Pragmatically speaking, your employees are already on social media at work.If you block these sites, you’re only cutting off a very lucrative source of connection to your customer.Believe it or not, I just met someone the other day who told me their company blocks the Internet at work.The reason was that they didn’t want everyone playing Fantasy Football during downtimes.There’s a saying I regularly use this when I’m advocating for America’s equines:”None of us is stronger than all of us.” This concept motivates people to take action and call their legislators to urge them to co-sponsor the bill that will save thousands of horses’ lives every year (it’s called the Safeguard American Food Exports Act – SAFE Act).This credo is also very useful when creating a process to engage employees in social media. Your team can produce more working together than each individual player can on their own.Companies too often promote or hire based on a limited knowledge of how modern marketing works.

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Just because someone has a Facebook personal profile, has a modest following on Instagram or dabbles in the social space, that doesn’t make them a good marketer.Educating them will open their eyes to new possibilities.Training them will increase their willingness to participate.There’s such an opportunity, especially for salespeople, to attract and engage customers online but so few companies choose to take advantage of it, many because they’re afraid of what their employees would do or say.

To win this game, train employees to use proven social media strategies.

It takes a village to brainstorm, research, create, design and publish website and social media content.

Beth Jean Reisgarf was born on 24 August 1978, in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, USA, which means that she is 41 years old, her zodiac sign is Virgo, and her nationality American.… continue reading »

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As users get older within the games, they get more privileges — at 16 they can drive a virtual car, at 18 they can vote, etc. Other popular choices among teens and tweens include Active Worlds, Chit Chat City, Fantage, Whyville, Kaneva, Second Life, Small Worlds and World of Warcraft.… continue reading »

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