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He’s been a janitor, bondage-style bouncer, dog-walker, and all-around lurker, in addition to his usual place behind a huge desk in a huge, dim, musty office where Erica sits opposite him during their sessions, entering and exiting abruptly due to her time-traveling (which he instigates).

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In one episode she goes back to revisit losing her virginity - which is one I’m sure a lot of people can relate to.

She revisits her really bossy professor at university, she goes back to learn more about the divorce of her parents.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an hour-long drama produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and airing on Canadian television since early January.

Here in the States, I’ve been watching it on Soap Net, where it has quickly absorbed the Thursday night anticipation I usually reserve for Grey’s Anatomy (a show that has steadily slipped in my must-see lineup the last couple years).

No, no - there is a certain amount of chemistry that Erin and Dr Tom have and I can’t see that changing but the type of relationship they have is one of mutual respect - and tough love.