Eskimo dating

28-Mar-2020 22:31

The earliest Palaeo-Eskimo artifacts in the province were first found in Saglek Bay, in northern Labrador, and date to about 3800 years ago.

Newfoundland archaeologist James Tuck argues that the first of these Palaeo-Eskimo peoples to be identified in Labrador bears a strong resemblance to the Independence I culture of Greenland and the high Arctic.

Palaeo-Eskimo peoples may be remotely related to the Inuit, but they are not the direct ancestors of any modern Arctic people.

Palaeo-Eskimo An archaeological culture refers to the pattern of remains left behind by a distinct group of people.

Despite the fact that the Early Palaeo-Eskimo culture phase extends into that of the Late Palaeo-Eskimo phase, archaeologists disagree as to whether the latter phase is derived from the earlier.These Early Palaeo-Eskimos lived in a variety of dwellings, some of which have been identified by archaeologists from the Smithsonian Institution, working in northern Labrador.