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“We did not plan not to do anymore photo shoots ever.It was a break to get away from the video scene and to come back with the film, to have a whole separate entity than Esther Baxter as a video girl-to show that I can actually do the acting.“It’s about being productive without showing everything. Baxter now has her eyes set on cornering the world of acting and becoming a credible thespian.There is a certain appeal to being coy and seductive.” Baxter’s iconic stature in urban modeling has landed her on many magazines front pages, including being featured on the cover of the Sept. Her ultimate goal is to be part of an award-winning film.If they ever make a Conan The Destroyer remake I think we have found a replacement for Grace Jones.Chocolate Boobs I uploaded a whole bunch of pictures of Esther Baxter over at Booty Source, but since she got huge tits as well as a nice ass I figured I would post the links here as well.I didn’t go out and get fat or anything like that.” Baxter is anything but overweight.At 5-foot-7, 138 pounds, Baxter is a statuette beauty who blows you away with her stunning good looks, southern belle charisma and quiet swagger.

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I had just done the movie, the film with Megan Good, titled, so I thought it was appropriate to come back and give the fans what they wanted and kind of show I was still here, I was still looking nice.Granted, the films in which she co-starred, were made up of minor roles, Baxter nonetheless will be using that experience for future projects, including her fourth film, “12 Reasons Why Men Cheat.” In “12 Reasons Why Men Cheat,” Baxter is scheduled to play the lead character in the independent film, a small victory for the budding actress. But in reality the Miami native never really left the scene; she just took a minor sabbatical to rejuvenate and to refocus on expanding her brand.