Estj entj dating

19-Sep-2020 00:39

Words or phrases that describe people with ENTJ preferences at their best are highlighted in the MBTI People with ENTJ preferences aren’t usually afraid to make tough decisions to move forward, and they enjoy solving system-level problems.

Therefore, when leading others, NTs will likely be good at: Stress Head above.In these circumstances they may tend to become hypersensitive, emotional, domineering, and inflexible.During initial stress they may become a bit pushy and inconsiderate of others’ feelings, which can discourage buy-in from others and in the end doom a project.ENTJs are typically attracted to positions offering status and influence, such as leadership and management, where tough-minded analysis is key.

Moreover, ENTJs are drawn to financial, consulting, and entrepreneurial roles.

*Note: Global leadership sample includes 960,000 supervisors, managers, and executives; global sample representing the general population includes 21,000 individuals.