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26-Feb-2020 08:52

Applying this change will simply get Excel to stop updating existing formulas when you make a change to a cell value that is included as part of the formula’s calculation.

If, after applying the manual calculation setting, you create a new formula, that formula will still be executed.

But if you change the value of a cell included in the formula after its’ initial execution, the original value will remain.

Open the Excel file for which you wish to disable calculations. Click the Calculation Options drop-down menu in the Calculation section of the ribbon, then click the Manual option.

), thus finding your cell on row 1000, and activating every cell between there and 55,000 when yor criteria is met, requires a lot of calculation from Excel. It only becomes an issue if your code errors out and you end the run (since updating is false, you can't click on the cells).

I asked my coworker how long this normally takes her (because it is a horribly written macro that was hacked together) and she said about 15-20 seconds...hardly noticeable she says. Easy enough to fix though, just go to your Immediate window and turn Screen Updating to true.

You can now choose when you want to update your formulas on the spreadsheet.

This allows you to avoid constant formula updates that can drastically slow down editing time on large spreadsheets.

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Screen Updating=False This will stop Excel having to repaint the screen each time the macro does something.

In my experience screenupdating significantly slows Excel because it has to calculate each time you do something.

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