Exception occurred updating the sas metadata repository Free dirty chat rooms arazona

13-Mar-2020 01:41

I am having problem to create the desired output data in sas.

I have to indentify the drugs which has been used in first 21 days and it will create initial line of treatment the below rules are ...

For info, the code snippet that spawns those sessions is below: /** * Execute all the backtest scripts and retain the logs */ options sascmd='!

sascmd'; %local waitforlist; %do x=1 %to %get_attrn(backtest_scripts, NLOBS); signon connx&x; %syslput LOC_BACKTEST_SCRIPTS=&LOC_BACKTEST_SCRIPTS /remote=connx&x; %syslput TEST_RUN_NO=&TEST_RUN_NO /remote=connx&x; %syslput TEST_ID=Test&x /remote=connx&x; %syslput TEST_PGM=&&test&x /remote=connx&x; %syslput LOC_TEST_RESULTS=&LOC_BACKTEST_LOGS\Test_&TEST_RUN_NO /remote=connx&x; %syslput LOG_LOC=&LOC_BACKTEST_LOGS\Test_&TEST_RUN_NO\&&test&x../remote=connx&x; rsubmit connx&x wait=no ; proc printto log="&LOG_LOC"; run; options mprint source source2; %inc "&LOC_BACKTEST_SCRIPTS\&test_pgm..sas"; endrsubmit; %let waitforlist=&waitforlist connx&x; %end; waitfor _all_ &waitforlist; %do x=1 %to %to %get_attrn(backtest_scripts, NLOBS); signoff connx&x; %end; options but I'd rather not embed passwords in my script if possible..

For questions about code, **please** include your code *and some data to reproduce your problem*, either in datalines/cards statements or using a `sashelp` dataset like `sashelp.class` or `sashelp.cars`.

I have been using SAS for a long time and got used to Output Log for making many assessments. data Month1; input Name $ sales; cards; Joyce 235 Marsha 352 Bill 491 Vernon 210 Sally 418 ; data Month2; input Name $ sales; cards; Joyce 169 Marsha 281 Bill 315 Vernon 397 Sally 305 ; data Month3; ...

I have built a test harness on the STP server, that spawns unique sessions for each test run.

exception occurred updating the sas metadata repository-31

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exception occurred updating the sas metadata repository-8

Datingsite123 nl

The Data Dictionary serves as a searchable repository for people who need to understand how and where data is stored and how it can be consumed.

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