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20-Feb-2020 13:10

My friend once likened hanging out here to being in prison (but in a good way), in that “nothing ever happens, but anything can happen! Being an expat, it’s easier to make a good life for yourself in Vietnam.I have almost too many friends, a nice apartment, a good job (I’m a ‘travelling teacher’, rather than a ‘teaching traveller’), lots of hobbies and everything feels quite easy.Perhaps it is a feature of expat life to become more selfish or disconnected from ‘reality’, as most foreigners living here are away from family and other responsibilities or restrictions of home.It can take some effort to ‘give a little back’ and not just always be ‘taking’ from Vietnamese society, but in my own personal experience anything I have tried has been well worth it.This country has overcome the most incredible hardship after the apocalyptic American war.To think how far it has come in just a short time, with such a friendly population (especially in the countryside), well, it makes me wonder if some other nations could have recovered so well by comparison.We made each other really laugh a lot, which is quite unusual I think with the culture barrier.

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But I wasn’t completely saved from that selfish lifestyle until I met my girlfriend.Many sewers along the streets in Ho Chi Minh City have their entrances blocked by garbage on a regular basis, negatively impacting urban esthetics and the environment while helping cause serious flooding.