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Many examples of written Maltese exist from before this period, always in the Latin alphabet, Il Cantilena being the earliest example of written Maltese.

From the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe: Interestingly, the Maltese language has a tendency to have both Semitic vocabulary and also vocabulary derived from Romance languages, primarily Italian.

The oldest known document in Maltese is Il-Kantilena (Xidew il-Qada) by Pietru Caxaro. A list of Maltese words was included in both the Thesaurus Polyglottus (1603) and Propugnaculum Europae (1606) of Hieronymus Megiser, who had visited Malta in 1588–89; Domenico Magri gave the etymologies of some Maltese words in his Hierolexicon, sive sacrum dictionarium (1677).

An early manuscript dictionary, Dizionario Italiano e Maltese, was discovered in the Biblioteca Vallicelliana in Rome in the 1980s, together with a grammar, the Regole per la Lingua Maltese, attributed to a French Knight named Thezan.

The first edition of this book was printed in 1924 by the Maltese government's printing press.

The rules were further expanded in the 1984 book, iż-Żieda mat-Tagħrif, which focused mainly on the increasing influence of Romance and English words.

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