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05-Jan-2021 15:34

This has service providers calling for a response to forced marriage outside of the judicial system, where funding is used to help the victims, not the perpetrators."It is always disappointing as a service provider to see the resources going into the criminal justice system response and almost nothing to meet the human need," National Manager for the The Freedom Partnership Jenny Stanger told ten daily.

Recently, both the federal Coalition and Labor have announced new reforms to help victims of a forced marriage.

No one should be made to choose between their own future and a relationship with their family but for many young Australians this trade off is their reality.

Forced marriage isn't just marrying someone without choosing -- it also about cultures, family dynamics, religious beliefs and the delicate balance between these.

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Labor will also commit to establishing a Forced Marriage Unit to provide a one-stop shop to connect victims to support services and government agencies," O'Neil said during her speech.Stanger said at the heart of ending forced marriage is changing the way we communicate about the issue so the schools and friends of victims know how to help, so communities realise how prevalent the issue is in Australia and so families from other cultures and practices might be understood."We need to understand where people are coming from and that a lot of parents take marriage really seriously ...A wedding is just one of the many events which families celebrate and also can be both a personal and religious occasion.She told ten daily that without a place to say, victims are less likely to leave a forced marriage.

The Freedom Partnership offers accommodation to victims and peer-to-peer sessions between young victims and older people to share experiences and give advice.

Forced marriages are often characterised by violence, meaning the victim faces serious danger when they are in a forced marriage and when they try to leave.