Firefighter dating

11-Mar-2021 04:16

I met him through work, he’s an influencer in the industry I work in, finally met him late last year when he turned up at a trade show event and came to say hello; it was lust at first sight, saw him, he was gorgeous, 6’4” built like F and had bright blonde hair and blue eyes. A week later, I had a message from him saying it was lovely to have met me and we started chatting from there.

I tried to communicate with him but it just didn’t work, I put it down to him not caring but I feel that might be unfair. We’re in an influencer chat on instagram, they always have a bit of back and forth but everyone in this industry is clueless about our relationship, then last week, on Tuesday, I put in the chat that I’d no longer be managing them and that a new girl would be taking over and that if anyone needed me for anything urgent to ask for me and I’d be there.

Back in Jan, I found out I was pregnant and that I’d lost the baby, I was 2 months pregnant and hadn’t known, I told him and it didn’t really feel as though he was all that with it, he just said it was awful and asked if I was okay and carried on with life. It was going to be difficult because I manage him and all of the other influencers, so I decided to take a step back and let someone else in the business take over to cut all ties.

Eventually we met up and had the best date EVER, but he then broke the news that due to his work schedule he didn’t had any more time off until January, we’d only met twice and the rest of it was a Face Time, texting, relationship. And this cycle and limbo of not really knowing where we were at eventually got to me and I decided to call it a day, with every hope he’d run after me and say no don’t go we can do this.

During periods of high stress, even the best relationship can go up in flames.

Couple that with a date whose job requires brutal hours, and you've got your hands full.

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If he doesn't want to talk, wait patiently until he's ready.It's not fair to either of you if your primary reason for dating a firefighter lies in the prestige and power of her occupation.