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Every couple has difficulty coming up with creative ways to stay busy.No matter how much fun you have with your companion, there are still times when you will be bored and in need of things to do.I wonder if the unasked questions that lurk in background are not about how acceptance bounces from one to another, but how acceptance resounds within me.Could it be that the real questions are “Do I like and value myself, and how do I know?To this very day, it is possible, often easy, for me to fall into a place of deep questioning of self-worth and value…and let’s not even get into questions of lovability.The need to be loved and valued is, I believe, deeply rooted in the human psyche.

Roosevelt Some soot started to fall and that aroused the cat When all of a sudden a small bird flew into the room All hell had let loose I looked for the kitchen broom The cat took a dive at it,, missed, and hit the gold Water everywhere it was then the dog started to howl By now the bird was on the curtain rail feathers everywhere It was then another bird joined in enough to make you swear The first one could not fly, well the cat made a meal of that The second bird flew around the room and fell dead upon the mat I picked it up, it was still warm the cat was ready to pounce The cat dived at me, grabbed the bird and ate up every ounce.

Develop a list of activities to choose from when you are bored, and use this list when the need presents itself. Each person should write a list of two movies about couples on a small strip of paper.

Place the movie titles in a jar and randomly draw one of them to watch for the evening.

They divide the room sending males to one side with females facing them from the other.

Everyone scribbles questions they would like their counterparts of the opposite sex to answer, and places them into a fishbowl to be withdrawn randomly and anonymously.

Board games provide you and your partner with many opportunities for a fun and exciting evening.