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22-May-2020 22:54

I'm also available for embedded programming on a contract basis. - Brad Thanks to the extremely dedicated efforts of Forth enthuiast Juergen Pintaske, "Moving Forth" -- the series of articles that led to the creation of Camel Forth -- is now available as an Amazon Kindle e-book! When I looked for a new project for an e Book I realized that one area is not very well covered: How do the Forth internals work? The only part I added was an appendix, where I redid some of the pictures, so I could understand them better.

How can you build a Minimal Processor executing Forth directly? When I looked around for some documentation, I remembered this series of articles again. I contacted Brad and asked for permission to publish them as part of the Forth Bookshelf. As in many cases, additional material can be found on the Forth-e Wiki, and we will start with the appendix added here, and what else we might come up.

Nothing to do with Camel Forth, but I thought this news was interesting.

CPUShack informs us that the Rosetta mission's Philae probe, which yesterday landed on comet 67P, is largely run by the venerable Harris RTX2010 Forth processor: The lander is powered by two 8MHz Harris RTX2010 16-bit stack processors, again a design dating back to the 1980′s.

Eight of the instruments are also powered by a RTX2010s, making 10 total (running at between 8-10MHz).Camel Forth is a Forth implementation for embedded microprocessors (8051, 8086, Z80, and 6809, with more to come). It was originally developed as an educational project for The Computer Journal, but has since become popular for embedded systems programming.

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