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One day, we will all look back at a time when we carried rolled-up burritos stuffed full of charging cables as a low point in both technological and human development. I've spent more than a few hours puzzling over hardware store inventories and trying to drill holes into my walls, fiddle with breakers, or reroute wiring through the ceiling. The Stick Up Cam does also come in a wired version as well as a solar-powered version (the battery-powered one is compatible with the solar panel).To be a smart home owner, you have to be a skilled, or at least brave, amateur electrician. They all look the same: a simple, 3.82-inch tall cylinder, a little larger than a Nest or Amazon cam, and a little less attractive. Once the battery is installed, follow the instructions on the Ring app to pair it with your phone.A lot has been written about how fear-based social media makes us all think that our neighborhoods are much scarier than they really are.I live near a walkable city street with lots of popular bars and restaurants.

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Once I calmed down, though, I remembered that just because police were dispatched doesn’t mean that anything scary happened.

When I first installed the Stick Up Cam, it sent me alerts for trees, bushes, and a truck tarp moving in the wind.

I tinkered with the sensitivity, set the motion frequency to standard, and disabled alerts on weekend afternoons when my kids like to draw with chalk on the driveway.

Everyone is going to have to determine their own comfort level when it comes to the idea of a Ukrainian researcher possibly gazing at you while you absentmindedly brush your teeth.

My personal line is that I'm fine with outdoor cameras, but not indoor ones.

For example, I set my neighborhood to be a radius of 1.5 miles from my house.