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21-Jan-2021 20:32

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Say "BATTLEDOME" to get it going then just keep saying "FIGHT" to fight the various monsters. Say BOTCOMPARE X XSPLIT Y to compare X and Y and it will set a variable called "match" to equal YES if they are the same and NO if they are different. Someone may be able to incorporate it into an adventure game. Say "CALENDAR" to your bot and it will display the current month's calendar for you. The bot thinks of an object, and the user asks 20 yes or no questions to try and determine what it is. However, it's a trick because the bot randomly says yes or no until the user gives up!

If you want to try and set something similar up yourself and need assistance, please mail me using the contact page. If the user asks your bot to repeat what they say (which happens for some strange reason), your bot can now do exactly that. Human: Learn the sun is hot and yellow Bot: Ok I will learn that the sun is hot and yellow.