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30-Jul-2020 20:29

and one of her kids go’s is in kindergarten at [removed]… She will use what ever means necessary to get with him…

If you see this person DO NOT let her near you, or your family or ESPECIALLY your man…

She went as far as to basically steal this one couples home (I’m including the court papers for verification) Julie has a nasty habit of writing hot checks on top of pretending to befriend 1 lady and talked the lady into selling her some rings on credit then turned around and took them directly to the jewelry store and sold them and then blocked the lady the rings belonged to via fb, and phone and never paid the lady a dime!!

She has a nasty gambling habit and spends her husbands payday at Oaklawn attempting to double or triple what she takes home so she can pay there rent, car payment or warrant fees for that weeks hot check warrants.

The biggest joke is that she claims to be a church-going woman.

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Definitely a unique “airport hotel.” The bedding was soft and comfortable and everything was sparkling clean and convenient.

This tramp chose to get high rather than give her only child a chance at life and had her daughter taken away from her at the hospital when she gave birth because she tested positive for her**n, the courts have her a chance to get her daughter back and she STILL couldn’t give up the dope long enough to get her daughter back, she has now lost her completely and continues on with her drug filled, thieving way of life. God forbid you and the love of your life, Frank, make a child together. Not only does she live in filth because she’s lazy but also loves to lay down with any man that will let her.

Don’t be fooled by this “loving” mother with posts of her daughter on Facebook, they were all taken at the visitation center, thank God she was never allowed to be left alone with her baby and thank GOD the Father now has her, someone who actually loves her and puts her first. She claims all her guy friends are just friends, but in fact she has sucked all their dicks..including her friends boyfriends. She thinks she is cute but believe me when I say, NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT VAg!! She has jacked up teeth and her sideburns are horrendous! She cant even keep a fast food job because she steals to support her habit.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Julie Krauss chances are if you’ve met this woman then you have fell victim to one of her MANY SCAMS!!

She is extremely good at what she does and has a list of people that she’s stole from and lied to.

She puts up her best picture on Facebook to lure men in so she can suck them dry.