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25-Oct-2020 19:29

You can also share your screen, so others can see what’s happening on your window. And in a feature that sets it apart from our favorite app If you use the app regularly, you can use the Jump Chat mobile apps.

But it’s not necessary, you can use the service on a mobile web browser without any issue.

You share something in Dropbox and then send your friends a message about it.

Volafile combines file-sharing and chat, while adding a bit of privacy too.

Cyph is all about its encryption, which is akin to what you would get if you use an app like Signal messenger.

Cyph encrypts all your video and voice calls, along with your chats.

It supports free video and audio calling for up to eight people simultaneously.

Jump Chat does more than just setting up a video chat though.

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It’s an end-to-end encrypted chat service that works on the browser, and even lets you share files.

This could be a much safer way to share sensitive files than to upload it on popular cloud storage providers.

Cyph is the app for those who want a secure line of communication with one other person, where you can say and share anything you want without it ever being leaked.

This gives you a few additional features like session history and a meeting scheduler.

File-sharing and chat are usually two separate entities.

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