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27-Jul-2020 05:44

They follow a fairly easy-to-spot pattern for anyone who has tracked identity scams.But the scale of these efforts goes far beyond what you'd expect from what are (to those in the know) recognizable cons.

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Among her follower was an account that was using images stolen from the Instagram account of a Marine veteran and personal fitness coach from California.And there are dozens of other fraud games being played out on Twitter and other platforms.I've been gathering anecdotal data from a number of such accounts as they've attempted to prepare me for a lure.Although flirting is more common, others are more direct.

In one case, a woman was contacted in direct messages on Twitter by an account claiming to be a retired carpenter from Tennessee looking to draw her in with the promise of a "sugar daddy" relationship that quickly revealed itself to be an Amazon gift-card scam.Typically, the scammers will claim to be from obscure but relatable places—places that their targets would likely not know much about—or to be deployed overseas in the military.