Friendship on line dating needs cosmetics and updating

29-Jul-2020 00:48

Online dating is losing its stigma thanks to the mainstreaming of apps like Tinder and the widely accepted wisdom that we sometimes need a little help meeting people to date in our increasingly busy lives.

But what is recognized far less frequently is that making new friends isn’t easy for everyone either, and technology can be just as useful in that respect. Thousands of Instagram or Twitter followers does not equal thousands of meaningful relationships.

In fact, according to anthropologist Robin Dunbar, 150 is the largest number of people you can forge and sustain friendships with, and I’d hazard a guess that most of us could count our closest friends using just our fingers.

In the digital world, as in the physical one, quality trumps quantity, and if you’re fortunate, you may find a select few truly valuable connections amid all the likes and retweets. I’m currently planning a trip with my Twitter DM group chat, a wickedly conspiratorial cabal I speak with daily, more regularly than most of my real-life pals or even family.

It originated as a matter of logistics: I was visiting London for work and wanted to meet these social media acquaintances for dinner.

Founding friendships on a shared identity or belief can serve as a reminder of your humanity, and sometimes such a bond can only be forged via the connective tissue of the internet.

Not only do friendships prolong our lives, they make us happier, too.