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You may not be aware of this, but if one too many people respond to your invitation by clicking , you will end up having your account restricted by Linked In.This will result in you being required to know the email address of each person you send any future Linked In invitations to, greatly reducing your ability to connect with prospects and expand your network.In fact, personalized invites are so rare that when I see one, I almost always accept it.When someone accepts an invitation to join your network, send them a personalized Welcome Message.People are far more likely to accept your request if you either remind them of how they know you or explain why they should connect with you.This is especially important when connecting with people you have never met as many people on Linked In don’t appreciate connection requests from strangers without a personal message.It can also help keep you top of mind and provide opportunities for others to engage with you.

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People choose all sorts of inappropriate photographs to use in their Linked In profiles.Ensure that you post updates and articles that your connections will find interesting or useful.