Funny dating commercials

28-Jun-2020 19:15

(According to these ads, the national anxiety about artificial intelligence and automation is real.) The android in this beer commercial is frustrated because he spends all his time working out and doesn't get to enjoy a beer. We've reached the point where Amazon's Echo is so ubiquitous that completely unrelated products, like snack chip Pringles, now feature unnamed knock-off versions of it in their ads.

In a few years, all commercials will just feature Echo's talking to each other back and forth. The Budweiser Clydesdales return in this wind-powered ad, which mostly keeps the focus on a dog instead of those majestic horses.

(It's also got services centered around building a career and making friends.) The unanswered question: Does Bumble improve your backswing?It won't make you cry, but it might make you stroke your chin and go, "Hmmm...

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5) Don't Be Awkward and Don't Reveal Too Much Information Avoid putting your date in an awkward position by asking her if she's going to check 'yes' beside your name on her dating card.… continue reading »

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