Gary the retard dating game

11-Feb-2021 15:41

She has been dating this half retarded guy for about 7-8 months. She was rushed to the emergency room and the cause was that she was pregnant. Do you think there parents are going to let them have a baby, they are both pretty damn ugly and ugliness and being a retard doesnt really mix well.

So now there is a half retarded girl pregnant with a half retarded guys baby. So heres the question, what would you do if your half retarded daughter was pregnant? (even if the child was perfectly healthy)but the pregnancy emancipates the girl, leaving it up to her....

Her latest feud is with Howard News reporter, Steve Langford.

Daniel Carver Daniel Carver is a Klan leader and Wack Pack member since the 1980s.

The roast was regarded as a dud as Carver simply used offensive epithets before dismissing each comedian with a wave of his hand."Her first Stern Show appearance occurred on " (on Howard Stern Sirius channel 100) reported that Iris was hospitalized after suffering a stroke.