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01-May-2020 13:34

But why would said hunter in the example pursue her in the first place if she was ugly?A lot of this has to do with the art of picking up women being a numbers game.This author sounds harsh, but go have a conversation with this very person and you’ll feel my pain like Clinton did while he was feeling on the booty of Monica Lewinsky. How the hell does one try to get chose up in Friday’s? This author is surprised they don’t just splurge for a DJ that likes to play Baha Men and Wang Chung, charge a dub admission, and introduce bottle service so ghetto people can really feel they’re doing it big. You know know how you SMELL somebody and you just know they been drekkin’? It is ghetto to be drinking, drunk, or have liquor breath if you’re not painting the town red, watching the game, doing champagne brunch, in the studio or casino, chilling with some skins, or simply meditating by self-medicating at the end a long hard day.*Having been around the block in bed, if diseases and popping out babies like rabbits is any indication, is the obvious exception. Whether it’s macking or bringing a date, you can’t hear a goddamn thing in there! Ghetto people pack lots of patience for Friday’s because most people with half a brain and any dignity dig in their heels, spin 180 degrees and jump it off elsewhere. Anyone reading this, please explain why the hell T. There’s a time and a place for getting it in, and until then, gotta be about that self-control.That mud duck could be a super-ten on some lonely night…might even be worth some money!One never knows when a diamond is uncovered in the rough.Right walks up (though some hood girls are golddiggers, so said mack has to be careful) and B) those women will give the one she chooses props for capturing her imagination.This is more likely to happen if that dude or dudette doesn’t do the following: [woman walks by] “Sup, shawty! ” [woman somehow indicates she’s not interested and keeps going] “Well, f*ck you then, B*TCH! ” Women in the hood go through experiences like these alllll the time, with all kinds of folks who lack self-control and home training and apparently can’t handle rejection very well.

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Won’t catch on to a new sound until it’s on the radio twenty times a day. The goddamn bars they have in them, however, are complete ghetto douchebag conventions.

Because that’s basically what picking up women is, mining. Hungry to f*ck that one ready girl…likely her friends too, if they’re up for it.

Has it gotten to the point for you that when you run thru the ghetto and see some shorty dressed extremely baggy, you have to check their chest for taped-down tiddys?

This author sees you who was invited to hang out, got in the car immmediately fiending for a drink way too early in the day, and when the decision is made to play along, cop some drink and make lemons into the lemonade of laughs, you pass on sharing brew, wine, even Hennessy, in favor of satisfying your suspect Cisco fetish. Your flipping the script and suddenly needing a drop-off immediately afterward to go babysit your friend’s child was addition by subtraction. This author agrees that the hood is crawling with cuties, in every Sentra, on every bus bench, at every swap meet, stopping at the liq store for drinks on Friday night, wherever; plenty of sexy young slimmies (and sometimes fatties! This fact has caused the hood dudes (and the lesbians) to lose their minds when it comes to getting after it.

Matter of fact, calling these drinking situations ghetto is an insult to the term “ghetto.” Nah, it’s just flat out trifling. Author’s note: This entry coming up as #40 was purely coincidental…not. Thirsty to turn out someone’s sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife…grandmother? A lot of these ghetto superhoes will flirt with anything that walks at any time.Ghetto people really don’t get around very much.* You can tell right off when a ghetto person opens his or her mouth…and things are confidently confessed that to someone more cultured should be completely beyond comprehension.