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reflecting the timeline of production only within each model.This system allows for pretty precise estimates of production figures per model in this period: the highest (known) SN suffix of a model indicating the total number produced – summing up to an estimated total of 2160 units.Therefore I don't present total production estimates for pre-war electric instruments at this stage of my research.When electric model production was relaunched in 1946, new ranges of SNs were applied to most models – with numbers consisting of a model-specific prefix (2–3 digits) and a serial suffix (3 digits, ascending consecutive numbers starting with 000): Unlike with the other SN systems, these new SN ranges were used concurrently, i.e.

ranges of SNs exclusively assigned to one model (see example in Fig. Note that in many cases the very first and last SNs of a batch cannot be determined as long as there are SN gaps to the adjacent batch of a different model.

And the estimates will keep getting more precise as the database of documented SN/model pairs is growing. SNs of Epiphone electric stringed instruments Epiphone used several different SN systems for their electric stringed instruments over the years (see Fig. From 1936 to 1942, all electric instruments appear to be numbered with ascending SNs representing a chronology of production – similar to the SN for acoustic instruments (SN systems A B).

The documented SNs start around SN 25 and end with SN 7219.

Contributors will be credited as an instrument owner or photographer upon request.

Serial number and model name – where to find it To submit instrument info please drop me a message. Privacy notice: The name or e-mail address of info contributors are treated as confidential and will not be published or disclosed to any third party.

(SN stamped on headstock.) During WW2 electric instrument production was halted. Some electric models from 1949 and all Hawaiian guitars from 1950 onwards use "special" SN systems. a run or batch of a model was assigned SNs of a consecutive number range.

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